Sl. NoProject TitleSectorStatusSoftware ExpertiseTotal Manhours
1Error Resolution (TDL, Clash resolution and Model Inconsistency
\Piping Support update)
Onshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D & Smart Sketch10,000 hrs
2As- Built 3D Model update with Laser Scanned dataOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D & Smart Sketch12,500 hrs
3As- Built 3D Model and Drawing update with Site red marked
Onshore RefineryCompletedPDS & MicroStation15,000 hrs
4Inlet Manifold Skid 3D model design and developmentOnshore RefineryCompletedPDS & MicroStation10,000 hrs
53D CAD Admin support for Conveyor and Storage system
development – Material Handling
Onshore PlantCompletedSmart plant 3d Material
Handling Edition
2500 hrs
6Drafting of Intelligent P&ID in SPPID EnvironmentOnshore RefineryCompletedSPPID500 hrs
7SP3D Version Upgrade ProjectOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D1000 hrs
8Development of Fabrication Isometrics from Design Isometrics-
Piping Monodisciplinary activity
Onshore RefineryCompletedSpoolgen2500 hrs
9PDS to SP3D Model conversion projectOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D & PDS5000 hrs
10Drafting of Isometrics in 2D environmentOnshore RefineryCompletedAutoCAD1000 hrs
11Piping design and routing for UtilitiesOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D & Smart
2500 hrs
12Piping Reference Data Customization Onshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D750 hrs
13Customization of Standard and Special SupportsOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D500 hrs
14Custom Command to Update Properties of all DisciplinesOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D100 hrs
15Name Rule Customization Onshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D100 hrs
16MDS Support CustomizationOnshore RefineryCompletedPDMS600 hrs
17Drawing View Style CustomizationOnshore RefineryCompletedSmart Plant 3D200 hrs
18EIL: Electrical LayoutsOnshore RefineryCompletedAutoCAD500 hrs
19Well Head areas: 3D Model and Drawing update PipingOnshore RefineryOngoingPDS & MicroStation10000 hrs
20Well Head areas InstrumentationOnshore RefineryOngoingSPI2000 hrs
21Well Head areas Process & PipingOnshore RefineryOngoingSPPID3000 hrs
22As- Built 3D Model and Drawing update with Site red marked updateOnshore RefineryOngoingPDS & MicroStation2000 hrs
23As- Built Instrumentation update with Site red marked updateOnshore RefineryOngoingSPI1000 hrs
24As- Built Piping update with Site red marked updateOnshore RefineryOngoingSPPID1000 hrs
25Hyundai Automobile Stairs and Overhead platform ModellingAutomobile PlantOngoingAutoCAD100 hrs
26Kia Automobile Structural ModellingAutomobile PlantOngoingTekla500 hrs
27Piping isometric & GAD drawing developmentOnshore RefineryOngoingAutoCAD1000 hrs
28Analysis for Caustic Heater Process ModificationOnshore RefineryOngoingPV Lite100 hrs
29As-Built GA Drawings Annotation & CheckingOnshore RefineryOngoingSmart Sketch5000 hrs

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